Friday, 20 June 2014

Etsy TV ad

Have you seen the new Etsy UK tv ad yet?  It looks great and it’s really good to see Etsy being promoted to a wider audience too! 67 sellers took part in the filming in London but Etsy has also given all of us other sellers the opportunity to be involved by making our own customised versions of the ad.  If you watch this video right to the end you’ll see my shop details (for my craft and party supplies shop)…

If you have never used Etsy before I have a couple of great offers to share with you!
This is for new buyers - £5 towards your first Etsy purchase (which you can use in my shop or any other Etsy shop!)
Or if you have been thinking of setting up your own shop on Etsy this will give you 40 free listings!

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