Friday, 17 January 2014

First Exciting Announcement for 2014 – Steampunk Stamps

I mentioned before that I had some exciting things planned for this year, and if you are one of my followers on facebook you will already have heard a little about my latest project… Over the last few months I have been working with Sarah, who runs Inky Doodles, designing some Hexley themed stamp sets and the first 2 sets have just been released!
Each set is A5 and contains lots of stamps which can be used in so many different ways.  This is one of the things I really like about the Inky Doodles stamps, they are designed to be versatile so that you can make the most of any set you buy.
The stamps are made with high quality photopolymer which is transparent - making it easy to place the image where you want it and give the best possible impression.

Hexley Transport stamp set

Steampunk Transport stamps 2014Jan16This set features 2 modes of Hexley transport – a Steam Carriage and Balloon Carriage along with lots of other extras.  In this sample card I made you can see how the smaller stamps can be used together to create a repeat background pattern…
Steampunk steam carriage card made with stamps 2014Jan16

Hexley Clockwork Bird stamp set

Clockwork Bird stamps 2014Jan16This set features 3 of my clockwork bird illustrations – a robin, chaffinch and kingfisher, along with cogs, clock hands and other little designs.  I used the Robin stamp twice on this card – on watercolour paper and on shrink plastic to make a little charm (you could make jewellery or keyrings like this too)…
Steampunk Clockwork Robin Bird card made with stamps 2014Jan16
I've really enjoyed coming up with more designs around my Hexley concept – I’m working on some other sets which will be out very soon!  These two sets of stamps are now available to buy from Inky Doodles – and I will be stocking them in my shop soon too.

If you would like some more inspiration on how to use these stamps I will be posting some other ideas I have been working on, or you can look at cards Sarah has made on the Inky Doodles site.  I’m looking forward to seeing how other people use them too – it’s amazing how different people can come up with completely different ways to use the same stamps!

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