Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My latest craft project – a dreamcatcher

2013Aug14 dreamcatcher 2I’ve wanted to make a dreamcatcher for a while and when I saw the tutorial in the latest issue of Mollie Makes (issue thirty) I knew it was time to give it a go!  The tutorial in the magazine used bright neon colours which looked really fun but I thought I would go for a more pared-down palette with natural greens, creams and browns.
2013Aug14 dreamcatcher 3I used an old bamboo bag handle as the base ring (not sure why we only had one bag handle, maybe I’ll find the other one some time and make another dreamcatcher!)  I wrapped the ring in cream and green cotton yarn.  Then used some cream embroidery thread to weave the hoop, adding some wooden beads as I went.2013Aug14 dreamcatcher 1I finished off the dreamcatcher with some larger wooden beads hanging from the ring and a feather from my budgie, Charlie!  I’ve hung it in my bedroom now – hopefully it will catch all my bad dreams! :)

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