Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nautical makes - a handmade card and model boat

2013June19 nautical boat make card 2I had to wait until after Father’s Day before I could show you these because I made them for my Dad!  The card is made from 2 of the images in my new Nautical digital stamp set and one of the patterned scrapbooking papers.  I cut along the waves of the backing paper and layered them with sticky foam pads to make the sea.  The boat and banner digital stamps were printed on card, I then coloured them in watercolours and cut them out.  If you are going to colour with a wet medium like watercolours make sure you print with ink that won’t run!  I used an Epson printer with pigment ink – see this post I wrote a while ago if you want to know more about dye vs. pigment ink.
2013June19 nautical boat make card 3I also made this little boat - after picturing it in my head I was so pleased with how it turned out!  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either, although there were a few tricky bits that I had to practise first.  I cut the hull from 3/4 inch thick wood and shaped and sanded it.  I then drilled a small hole for the mast, which is made from a bamboo skewer.  The sails were hand sewn and attached to the mast with thread.  The sails were made from fairly stiff fabric but to make sure they kept straight I stitched a little eye pin to the corners of each sail and pushed them into the hull.  I also added a little flag made from satin ribbon.
2013June19 nautical boat make 1By the way, my Dad really liked them too! :D

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