Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Moo Greeting Cards!

I had a very exciting package in the post today - my Moo order arrived (well the greeting card part anyway)!
I had some technical problems placing the order, but the customer support at Moo was excellent and at last I have received my cards (the stickers will hopefully be on their way soon).

About half the cards feature my animal ACEOs and the other half is mostly Hexley illustrations along with some dragons and elephants.
If you like these cards you will be able to buy them from my online shop very soon (I'll blog to let you know when they are ready!)


  1. oooh! Delicious looking cards... will look forward to seeing them in your shop

    Absolutely LOVE your blog Header picture.

  2. Thank you - it shouldn't be long now before I start adding the cards to my shop!

    Glad you like my header picture NoodleBubble :D (it's from my Clockwork Bird Model No.57 illustration)