Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Moo samples

A couple of weeks ago I sent off for a free pack of 10 business cards from Moo. I had each card printed with a different image and uploaded my own design for the backs (as they were free they also had the moo logo across the bottom). I tried the Moo Green card - 100% recycled, 350gsm. I was very pleased with the print quality and how quickly they arrived!

I've also been thinking of having some greetings cards printed with my work on, so have been doing a bit of research. I found Tesco photo printing to be the cheapest, so sent off for 4 cards to see what they were like. Although I was pleased with the quality of the print (and they arrived quickly) I did feel like you get what you pay for as the cards seemed very thin and I could only choose one image per set of cards.
Although Moo isn't the cheapest place, I was impressed with the quality of their cards and the ability of printing many different designs. So I contacted them to see if they could send me a sample card before I decided to order... and I received this exciting package a couple of days ago!

Inside were samples of greetings cards, postcards, business cards, mini moo cards and stickers :D

So very soon I am planning of having a set of greetings cards printed and maybe some stickers too!

I thought I'd do a little market research, I've just got a couple of questions:

What sort of things would you be interested in buying with my work on - postcards/ greetings cards/ stickers? - and would you prefer to buy sets or individually?

What illustrations would you like to see printed - Hexley work/ animals..?

Any feedback would be welcome! Thank you :)

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  1. Well, I think the Bunnies series would make a wonderful set of Greeting cards and also the giraffes. I would definitely buy a set of greeting cards with those images on them, very exciting Hazel, :) T.